Exercise Group

We've started a new group, (July-2018), nominally called the "Exercise Group", for the simple reason that this group will focus almost exclusively on working with the inner exercises that have come to us from Gurjieff, Bennett and other reliable sources.

For the time being we will divide the Wednesday evening time slot (evening for those in Europe) into two sessions as follows:

Two, separate, 50-minute sessions starting on the hour, the first one starting at 7:00pm Italian time (8:00pm Israel time; 1:00pm Eastern US; 10:00am Pacific US).

  1. Session one (7:00pm to 7:50pm) will be focused exclusively on actually doing exercises, with discussion (if any) limited to clarifying exactly how to do the exercise.
  2. Session two (8:00pm to 8:50pm) will be general discussion, but mostly about doing exercises.

We will use the eight Wednesday evenings from July 11th to August 29th  2018 to experiment with different ways of organizing this line of enquiry, and then set ourselves to take on a more rigorous 3-month commitment (September through November) for a more sustained practice of certain of these inner exercises.

This particular group is limited to those who have had at least some previous experience working with inner exercises in a group setting.